Oral presentations will be held simultaneously in two rooms:



Invited speakers and works about wind energy, photovoltaic system, biocells fuel, thermal applications for energy, biodigesters, hybrid systems, etc  are welcome in this symposium.



Invited speakers and works about synthesis, characterization, simulation of nano- and micro- materials (inorganic, organic) and devices for renewable energy application are welcome in this symposium.


Computer simulation, first principle calculations

Theoretical simulation of nanocluster

Electrical simulations of structures and devices

Theoretical modeling of systems

Wind energy applications

Photovoltaic system analysis and applications

Biodigester system development and applications

Application of hydraulic system

Thermal applications for energy solutions

Nanomaterials for renewable and clean energy

Biomaterial for renewable energy

Biocells fuel

Organic photovoltaic cells

Inorganic photovoltaic cells

Synthesis and characterization of semiconductors

Material nanostructured for solar cells

Optoelectronic devices

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